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"Creative Training"

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Welcome to my website...
"Training with Donna Kay Lau", Please feel free to browse around and have some fun!   Check out all the pictures and keep in touch with your training buddies! 
Training for Life!  Ride On!

"This year, make peace with life's challenges; cultivate your ability to be amazed and keep your spirit open to all that shines".

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Creative Training

                     With Donna Kay Lau


      Lifetime Certified 3 STAR SPINNING® Instructor,

Accredited Schwinn® IC Cycling Coach, Reebok cycling certification, Precision cycle certification, LA Sport club/ Spectrum Club Certified cycling instructor training, 24 hour Fitness cycling instructor training, Heart Zone Training, Cycling Coach, AFAA® certified, Trigger Point Therapy and dealer, Polar Heart rate monitor dealer and specialist,

ACE® Certified Personal Private Trainer, 24 hour fitness personal trainer, Triathlete, Yoga instructor training (specializing in yoga therapy and private training), "Team Zoot and GU Triathlon Team", Creative Training Presenter/Master Instructor,and LIFE & Wellness COACH! :)


Inspiration is the act of breathing, the body will always follow the mind, from soul to sole, experience the journey.

For a complete list of certifications and education completed by Donna Lau

The Body Always Follows the Mind...Exercise your mind as well as your body...

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*No affiliations with Mad Dogg Athletics Inc, and Spinning, Spin or 24 Hour Fitness.  This is Donna Lau's Private and Personal website